Level Up, Sis! Women's Virtual Health & Wellness Summit

Covid-19 has taught us so much! Now more than ever we recognize just how fragile and valuable our health is.

Your Mocha Docs are a group of world renowned board certified physicians from across the United States practicing in various specialties. These women have medical expertise that includes women's health, chronic disease management, fertility, sexual health, obesity medicine, skin and hair health, culinary medicine, and so much more. They have come together to bring you the latest updates with regards to improving all aspects of your health.

Register now for this free virtual event, spots are limited. Let's learn how to optimize all facets of women's health and wellness, and level up, sis!

Please note that not everyone who registers will be able to participate in the LIVE sessions because spots are limited. We intend to make the content available at a later date to accommodate all those who desire to learn how to level up their health! By registering for this event, we have your email address that allows us to communicate details on how to view this content and will be in touch very soon.


What: FREE Women's Health Virtual Summit

When: May 18th- 22nd

Where: Zoom Room (link provided upon registration)

Why: Because your health is your wealth & legacy

Level up your health with medical experts who have your TOTAL health in mind!

Meet Your Experts...

  • Dr. Nina Lum, Family Medicine, Hospitalist
  • Dr. Eva Beaulieu, Internal Medicine, Hospitalist
  • Dr. Hope Mitchell, Dermatology
  • Dr. DiAnne Davis, Dermatology
  • Dr. Wendy McDonald, OBGYN  
  • Dr. Tosin Odunsi, OBGYN
  • Dr. Chimsom Oleka, Pedi, Teen & Elite Athlete GYN
  • Dr. Lauren Powell, Family Medicine, Culinary Medicine
  • Dr. Kristamarie Collman, Family Medicine, Obesity Medicine
  • Dr. Caroline Robinson, Dermatology
  • Dr. Karen Kagha, Dermatology 
  • Dr. Fenwa Milhouse, Urology
  • Dr. Ruthie Arumala, OBGYN
  • Dr. Vanessa "Oma" Nzeh, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics
  • Dr. Kiarra King, OBGYN
  • Dr. Charis Chambers, OBGYN
  • Dr. Peace Nwego- Banks, OBGYN
  • Dr. Nicole Sparks, OBGYN


What: Free Women's Health Virtual Summit

When: May 18th-22nd

Where: Zoom (link provided upon registration)

Why: Because health is your wealth and legacy!

Summit Schedule at a glance...

So... are you in?